After Care

HeartShip Tattoos Aftercare We recommend using Palmers Cocoa Butter, Eucerin Aquaphor or E45 For Tattoo Aftercare. Once you get home please follow the instructions below to ensure your tattoo heals properly and will therefore look its best. The adhesive forms a waterproof barrier on dry skin. It will not stick to the tattoo Because it is producing fluid(plasma). Some fluid buildup is expected. Excessive Fluid will not allow the tattoo to breathe If there is excessive fluid under the Barrier film, it should be removed. Do Not soak in shower with the barrier in place. If Redness occurs, remove slowly and discontinue use. LEAVE the sterile dressing on your tattoo for at least 24 to 36 hours. If there Is no fluid build up and the barrier film is sticking well all around the tattoo, it Can stay in place up to 4 days.
WASH YOUR HANDS before removing the dressing. PEEL barrier film back SLOWLY away from the edges. Peel it back over itself, Not up and away from the body. Avoid stretching the skin. Once the dressing is removed wash your tattoo in warm water using a gentle soap Like DOVE soap. DO NOT RUB with a flannel or facecloth. PAT IT DRY with a CLEAN towel. Once finished washing, the tattoo should no longer feel slimy or look glazed. DO NOT RE-BANDAGE your tattoo – your skin needs air to heal.

Now that your tattoo and hands are CLEAN you apply a light layer of cream (as Above) – Rub it very gently into your tattoo. Dab off any excess cream.

REMEMBER your tattoo is similar to a wound and must be looked after properly.

AVOID CONTACT with pets, dirt, oil, petrol, fish ponds, sea water or chemicals. If you work in a dirty environment wear loose fitting long-sleeved shirt or long trousers to avoid any dirt entering your tattoo. Also whilst your tattoo is healing keep it out of direct sunlight.

YOU MUST NOT SWIM, USE SUNBEDS, SUN BATHE, SAUNA until your Tattoo is completely healed. You can shower, but do not soak in a bath.

DO THIS TWICE A DAY WASH your hands then your tattoo, apply the cream.

DO NOT LET YOUR TATTOO DRY OUT – if you do IT WILL SCAB UP If it does scab – DO NOT PICK THE SCAB – doing that will affect the tattoo and Healing process.

DO NOT PEEL skin/scab off, let it come off naturally as part of the Washing and healing process. Keep washing and applying cream for about 7 days.

After that your tattoo should be healed enough to then use a mild moisturiser s. Any questions please feel free to call us on 0131 4478822 or message us on our Facebook Page.



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